Yam is a crop grown for its stem tubers, which is indigenous to the tropics. It grows well on fertile, free draining loamy soils. Mounds are prepared and the yam planted on the top of the mound. Early yams are planted in November, while late crops are between February and April.

Maturity: - It matures within 8-12 months after which it is harvested by digging out the tuber very carefully to avoid bruises and breakages.

Varieties: - There are several: White Yam, (D. Rotundata) Dundu Banza and punjo; Water Yam (D. Alata), and Yellow Yam (D. Cayeneasis). The major exportable yam in Ghana is the (D. Rotundata) due to its pleasant taste and good storage characteristics, e.g. the popular PUNA Yam.

Some Recipes with Yam

Boiled Yam

Boiled Yam:

Cut yam into slices, peel and wash clean. Add water with salt to taste or salt can be ignored by choice. Boil between 20-30 minutes. Serve with your favourite sauce.

Mashed Yam

Mashed Yam:

Boil yam as above. Let it cool and mash. Add either butter or palm oil. Serve with a favourite sauce.

Yam Balls

Yam Balls:

Boil yam and mash as above. Add milk, eggs, butter and white pepper. Shape into balls and fry in oil to brown. Serve with sauce.

Yam porridge

Yam Porridge:

Cut and peel yam into small cubes, and boil. Add tomato puree, small pieces of meat or fish, sliced onions, and pepper. Steam for 10 minutes. Serve hot.

Yam Chips

Yam Chips:

Cut and peel yam. Shape to chip sizes and fry. Serve with appropriate sauce.



Yam can be used favourably in place of potatoes.